Designing the Sound of Sustainability

An ICT4S Conference Workshop by Yann Seznec, Sandra Pauletto and Elina Eriksson 

Call for Participation

This workshop will investigate the use of sound as a tool to explore sustainability data – what is the sound of home electricity use? Flight emissions? Energy mix?

By converting otherwise abstract or impenetrable data into audio using sonification techniques, can we open up new methods of experiencing sustainability issues?

Through this novel approach, we might be able to narrow the knowledge-action gap. We will introduce different techniques for using sound in this way, and invite participants to create their own sonifications.

Participants will develop design ideas for applying advanced sonifications to their own research, and these will be taken forward to an audio-focused workshop in the near future to be put into practice.

A third session is planned to bring together any participants who wish to follow the work long term.

We envisage this workshop to be an opportunity for participants to learn about what sound can bring to sustainability discussions, as well as be a part of a longer term project applying sustainability research data to sound in novel ways.

The Workshop will take place during the 9th International Conference on ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S 2023) during 5-9 June in Rennes, France.


Please check this page soon as more information on how to participate will be added soon ...