Sound for Energy

Sonic Interaction Design to Support Energy Efficiency Behavior in the Household


Designing the Sound of Sustainbility

An ICT4S Conference Workshop by Yann Seznec, Sandra Pauletto and Elina Eriksson 

The Workshop will take place during the9th International Conference on ICT for Sustainability (ICT4S 2023) during 5-9 June in Rennes, France. See:

See Call for Participation HERE

Special Issue on Sustainable Sound and Music Computing

Applied Sciences Journal

Guest Editors: Sandra Pauletto (KTH), Nicolas Misdariis (IRCAM) and Emilia Gomez (Pompeu Fabra, EU)

Deadline: 20 April 2023

In recent years, considerations related to social and environmental sustainability have become
crucial and unavoidable in all areas of research and development. Sound and music computing
(SMC) research has the potential to contribute to these concerns both by developing new
applications that facilitate and promote behaviors which are sustainable and designed for
social good (e.g., by developing music applications that promote a healthy life; by making users
aware of energy consumption through sound; or by providing electric cars with informative
sounds that embed in the existing soundscape in a sustainable way) and by addressing the
environmental, social and ethical impact of sound and music computing, and the production of its technology.

This Special Issue intends to present new ideas and experimental results in the field ofsound and music computing, with particular attention to those addressing areas which are related to sustainability which include, but are not limited to, the environment, physical and emotional wellbeing, ethics and equality.

Within this focus, we are interested in publishing high-quality, original research papers that further the knowledge in any of the subfields of sound and music computing (sound design, sonic interaction design, sonification, computer music, music information retrieval, new interfaces for musical expression, etc.) and that use either existing (signal processing, physical modeling, procedural models, machine learning, AI, etc.) or novel approaches to sound and music computing.

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Yann Seznec's poster "The Singing Shower"

won the KTH Energy Platform Poster competition!

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Project publications:

Madaghiele, V.& Pauletto, S. (October, 2022) Experimenting techniques for sonic implicit interactions: a real time sonification of body-textile heat exchange with sound augmented fabrics, Conference on the Sonification of Heaalth and Environmental Data (SoniHED), Sweden Download the paper HERE

Madaghiele, V. & Pauletto, S. (June, 2022) The Sonic Carpet: real-time feedback of energy consumption and emission data through sonic interaction design, International Conference on Auditory Displays, USA Download the paper HERE

Seznec, Y. & Pauletto, S. (June, 2022) Towards a workshop methodology for involving non-experts in the sonic interaction design process: Connecting household sounds and energy consumption data, International Conference on Auditory Displays, USA Download the paper HERE

Seznec, Y. & Pauletto, S. (June, 2022) The Singing Shower: A melody-sensitive interface for physical interaction and efficient energy consumption, Sound and Music Computing Conference, France. Download the paper HERE

Selfridge, R., Barone, C., Pauletto, S. (June, 2022) Sonifying an Office Gadget to Indicate Air Quality, Sound and Music Computing Conference, France. Download the paper HERE

Seznec, Y. (June, 2022) Music Within Limits, ICT for Sustainability, ICT4S. Download the paper HERE

SoniHED 2022 - 27-28 October 2022

The Sound for Energy Project hosted the second Conference on the Sonification of Health and Environmental Data (SoniHED). 

Check out the CONFERENCE WEBPAGE for the programme, guests and proceedings.

Invited Talk 

Sandra Pauletto will talk about the Sound for Energy project at the Sound Design(ed) Futures event in Paris on Friday 27th May 2022. Check out the programme and register for free HERE

Sound for Energy Projects 

Read HERE about the projects we are developing within Sound for Energy!

Watch Yann demo our Singing Shower!

The Singing Shower is inspired by the concept of a “Navy shower” which is a method of showering that allows for significant conservation of water and energy by turning off the flow of water while soaping.

In addition to providing an efficient way to control the water flow while hands and eyes are occupied in other tasks, this shower is great fun!


What are the connections between our attitudes towards household sounds and our attitudes towards energy consumption and efficiency? Our first innovative workshop that took place in December 2021 looked into this. Read HERE a little more about it.

Sandra Pauletto was invited to deliver a seminar for Spår av Ljud event at Lund University. The talk highlights the links between historical sound design practices and the development of new digital sonic interactions in areas such as energy efficiency in the Sound for Energy project.

We are very pleased to welcome Vincenzo Madaghiele fromthe Politecnico di Torino and EURECOM, who will be working in the Sound for Energy project at KTH writing a Master thesis on "Behavior recognition andsonic interaction design for energy efficiency".

It is a great pleasure to welcome Yann Seznec to the Sound for Energy Team. Yann is an artist whose work focuses on sound, music, physical interaction, games, and building new instruments. He is now starting a PhD under the supervision of Sandra Pauletto in the context if the Sound for Energy Project.